Inside Look

Career Day 2014

1:30-4:30 p.m., April 17
Perkins Building

On-campus and online police studies degree students are invited to attend the 2014 Career Day in the Perkins Building at the Richmond, KY campus. Representatives from the following agencies will be in attendance.

Federal Agencies

ATF, Bureau of Prisons, DEA, FBI, & US Marshals

Lexington Assistant Chief of Police Recognized with Distinguished Alumnus Award

Assistant Chief of the Lexington Police Department and Eastern Kentucky University graduate of the College of Justice and Safety, Mark Barnard, will be recognized with the Distinguished Alumnus Award during the College’s “Night of Distinguished Professionals” celebration. The event began in 2003 with the College of Justice & Safety honoring Dr.

Harsh Remarks, Racism and Police Shootings in the Windy City

Written by Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.D.

In a recent post on this site, while writing about the origins of American policing and its relationship to slavery and racism, I made the following, seemingly harsh, but empirically supportable remark:

Critical Thinking Exercise: Sartre and Fanon

Written by Dr. Gary Potter

Fanon, F. 1961. Conclusion. The Wretched of the Earth

A New Blue Line

"The shrill sound of a speeding police car has most of us turning to look as we scurry out of the way but giving little thought to where it is going, what has happened or who is involved. Police and the criminals they pursue are interesting, scary and even a bit exciting, but not something we expect to encounter in our own lives.