Education Pays Opportunities with EKU Online

Education Pays Opportunities with EKU Online
Education Pays: Kentucky Justice & Public Safety Cabinet Criminal Justice Training College Credit Program

In 1998, the Education Pays campaign was introduced in Kentucky in an effort to bring awareness to the value of education and the importance of education at all levels. 

The Department of Criminal Justice Training created alliances with Kentucky’s institutions of higher education and removed barriers that traditionally impede college enrollment.  It is DOCJT’S goal for Kentucky law enforcement officers to hold an associate’s degree as well as to understand the importance of higher education and quality training. 

Colleges and universities across the state and nation recognize the quality of accredited training provided at DOCJT. These opportunities open the door to those law enforcement officers who understand the importance of higher education and the knowledge and advancement it brings. 

Officers who successfully complete Basic Training are eligible for nine (9) hours of transfer credit from Eastern Kentucky University.  Once students complete the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council approved Basic Training course and are admitted to EKU as a students they will be eligible for the following credit:

§  PLS 216 – Criminal Law (3 hours)

§  PLS 220 – Criminal Investigations (3 hours)

§  PLS 415 – Contemporary Police Strategies (3 hours)

These courses transfer to both on-campus and online degree programs at EKU and can be counted toward a major in Police Studies. For more information on the EKU Online Police Studies degree programs, visit or contact Allison Smock at or 859.622.7568.

In order to assist officers interested in starting or continuing in their academic endeavors, Patrick Miller has been assigned to advise interested officers on educational opportunities, create and maintain alliances with institutions of higher education, and integrate Education Pays into the Career Development Program.  Please contact him at 859.622.5930 or for assistance and further program details.

Published on May 21, 2012