Law Enforcement and College Infographic

Law Enforcement and College Hiring and Recruitment Infographic. 36% of police agencies target 4-year college graduates. 47% of law enforcement agencies offer pay increases for college graduates. 57% of police agencies offer college tuition reimbursement. 12% of law enforcement agencies offer incentives for college attendance. More than 4 in 10 police officers work for an agency that offers take-home vehicles or a pay raise for a college degree. Many agencies require some college course-work or a college degree. Law enforcement agencies that offer college tuition reimbursement to new recruits include - 50% state law enforcement agencies, 25% local police departments, and 12.5% sheriffs offices. A majority of local police departments with 25 or more officers offer college tuition reimbursement. Many police departments now require an associates degree or at least 60 hours of college credit in order even to be allowed to take the entrance exam. Advance your career today with EKU Online degree programs. Our 100% online law enforcement degrees let you achieve your goals on your terms.

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Published on June 17, 2013