A New Blue Line

"The shrill sound of a speeding police car has most of us turning to look as we scurry out of the way but giving little thought to where it is going, what has happened or who is involved. Police and the criminals they pursue are interesting, scary and even a bit exciting, but not something we expect to encounter in our own lives. Still, we can’t get enough of crime on the big and little screens, and our penchant for the grisly knows no bounds. Murder, kidnapping and theft become thrilling plots, and shows involving the police, FBI or Homeland Security give us a terrific view of how things are really going out there. Or do they?

"Out to dispel the myths surrounding crime and its effects, Victor Kappeler, foundation professor and associate dean of justice studies at Eastern Kentucky University, has spent the past 30 years working with local and federal law enforcement to improve policing policies and procedures, enhance relations between police and the community, and bring outdated ideas of crime prevention and punishment into the new millennium. Kappeler is a gifted teacher and prolific scholar who has written and co-authored several books and dozens of articles, and served as a consultant to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He has helped turn EKU’s School of Justice Studies into a nationally and internationally recognized program and placed Kentucky squarely on the map of progressive justice education."

—Rachael Guadagni

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Published on February 04, 2014